Barrel Of A Gun




Country Label Cat-Nr. Format Colour EAN - Code Remarks
GM INT INT129104 12" black   Gatefold sleeve
UK MUTE P12BONG25 12" black   in custom sleeve
US REPR PRO-A-8600 2x12" black   with unreleased version, black sleeve with oval sticker
BE PIAS 391.1025.24 MCD      
FR VIRF 724389407723 MCD      
FR VIRF 724389405729 MCD   7 24389 40572 9 Reverse jewel case
GM INT INT829104 MCD     Reverse jewel case
GM INT INT893239 MCD      
UK MUTE RCDBONG25 MCD     in slightly different sleeve
UK MUTE CDBONG25 MCD     Reverse jewel case
US REPR 17409-2 MCD      
US REPR 43828-2 MCD      
US REPR PRO-CD-8600 MCD      
UK MUTE L12BONG25 L12" black    
UK MUTE PL12BONG25 L12" black   in custom sleeve
FR VIRF 724389408324 LMCD     Reverse jewel case
GM INT INT829105 LMCD     Reverse jewel case
UK MUTE LCDBONG25 LMCD     Reverse jewel case


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